Some feedback from Ulladullirious 2014

“Congratulations to the band that made so many people look and feel at home behind the mike and especially to Ebony who as MC kept the night rocking along and on track with encouragement support and musical abilities. It was fun. Let’s do it again!

One of my favorite moments on the night was a chain reaction as more and more people tried to find mike space for a group rendition of Achy Breaky Heart.

I am living in Narrawallee for some time while I help out my parents in Ulladulla but home is on the far north coast. It was great to have the festival, to go to events and mix with people. I also saw Tom Gleeson and it was so nice to share in the laughter, and be part of the crowd – for most of the show people just couldn’t stop laughing. He had the comic magic.

Thanks to the committee for all your work in getting this event going. Hope you can keep it up.”

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