From little things big things grow! My kids think they are hilarious (normally involves irritating a parent until their face goes scarlet) but I doubt they could entertain a crowd!


Wanna see if you can turn a crowd Fun-derstruck? Always being told you are soooooo funny you should be a comedian? Then come and try your luck with a real audience!

Under the wings of EmCee Vicky you will be guided, nurtured, supported and applauded as you wow the crowds with your comedy talents. You can mime, sing, recite, improvise or do stand up – whatever you do just needs to be funny!!!

All performers will be assigned 5 minutes to perform and everyone must be UNDER THE AGE OF 18.

About your MC – Vicky

Vicky started her performing career as a singer in rock bands in 1989, having trouble remembering the words led her to write her own funny ones and a comedy star was born. Her comedy career kicked off in the year 2000 as a Triple J RAW Comedy Finalist, Green Faces Finalist and Finalist on Channel 9′s Starstruck. Vicky moulded her unique funny songs into a routine that saw her become one of the most sought after emcees in Comedy. She has performed everywhere from corporate functions, to theatre restaurants to comedy cruises to pubs and clubs and private functions.