APEX members’ work together to serve their community’s greatest needs by promoting service, fellowship and community spirit. By becoming a member of Milton Ulladulla APEX Club, you are guaranteed to make friendships that last a lifetime, develop as an individual and have a whole heap of fun helping within our community. A youthful, lively and spirited group, Milton Ulladulla APEX is actively involved within the community – local festivals, fundraising and events. Become involved and help your community.


The Shoalhaven provides a wonderful backdrop for a multitude of events. Shoalhaven City Council recognises the importance and significance that events have within the local community. Council encourages events that will provide social and economic benefit for the community and have a positive impact on the city. Browse through our site to learn more about our delightfully undiscovered region and find some hidden treasures for yourself!


With the fast changing pace of business, businesses are expected to adapt to an ever-changing work environment. Many of these factors, including new legislation, changing economic environments and external factors are difficult to predict. Membership with Milton Ulladulla Business Chamber will provide you with the opportunity to network, work together and support each other. $130/ year. We work for all local businesses to build a stronger business environment, assist with tourism and to strengthen our community.