Mr Snot Bottom is a deeeesgusting kids comedian brimming with all the gooey, smelly and yucky topics kids love!

Be repulsed by horrible stories, gross gags and just wrong routines in this rollercoaster of weirdness that is suitable for kids 4+.

With hilarious audio-visual effects and a cast of bizarre characters the Mr Snot bottom show is guaranteed to make children and their parents groan, gasp and howl with delight.

With sold out shows and rave reviews at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Fringe, Mr Snot bottom will transport you to a crazy, joyous world where families can laugh together.

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“Had the kids in stitches…parents won’t feel left out.” Herald Sun

“kiddy stand-up at its best.★★★★” Adelaide Advertiser

“unashamed and brilliant…. it was stinky, it was silly, it was fun. ★★★★” Broadway Baby

“A well crafted & hilarious comedy for kids of all ages that was delivered with style.” Australian Stage